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    Structure of an Artist Application

    1. About you:
    1.1.: Ingame Name
    1.2.: How old are you?
    1.3.: Where are you from?
    1.4.: Some more infos about your person
    1.5.: Personal strengths and weaknesses
    1.6.: Are you active on Discord and have a working micophone?

    2. Experiences:
    2.1.: How long are you playing minecraft?
    2.2.: How long are you playing on the Chaos Crafter Server?
    2.3.: Do you have any experiences with PhotoShop or any other editing program?
    2.4.: Do you have any experiences with creating your own texture pack?
    2.5.: Do you have any experiences with creating 3D models?
    2.6.: Do you have any experiences with digital drawing?

    3. References:
    To judge your skills adequately we need you to give us some pictures or art you have made.
    You can either link us your portfolio, links to websites or upload pictures you have drawn in here directly.

    4. Closing words:
    Do you have anything left to tell?


    Other Informations:

    Please do not lie on your application, if we find out that you did lie it will lead to an instant denial and you could be permanently blacklisted from applying for staff.

    Spamming staff members with questions or asking for updates after you send us your application reflects poorly on your maturity levels and is remembered when we answer your application. We don’t mind you asking us questions about the application process but please don't ask us about the status of the application and be polite.
    We will also not have the correct amount of space needed to give you a proper message about your application ingame.

    So if you really wish to ask us questions regarding your application, please contact us on the forums.

    Thanks for reading!
    Good luck with your application! :)
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