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    What can I do on the server?
    You can visit themeparks, ride rollercoaster, build things on your plot, beat Parkour challenges, be part of events and many other things.

    How do I get to the rollercoasters and rides?
    You simply can type /warp wall or /spawn (and walk to the rollercoaster area) to get to the rollercoasters.

    I've built something on my plot. How do I get (Test-)Builder now?

    What are FastPass Tickets and how can I use them?
    With FastPass Tickets you can use the Fast Lane entrances at the rollercoasters, to skip the whole queue. For using them just right-click on the signs at the FastPass Entrances.

    I caught a player hacking, swearing or breaking other rules. What can I do?
    You can report the player here: We will take a look at the report as soon as possible.

    How can I receive coins?
    Mainly by beating the parkour challenges, but you can also redeem coins from different events that'll be hosted on the weekends.

    What can I do with these coins?
    Simply type "/shop" in the chat. You can buy cool Outfits, Drinks, FastPass Tickets or even Particles!

    I was banned from the server. What can I do to play on the server again?
    You can write an unban request here: We will take a look at your message as soon as possible.

    How can I get VIP/ELITE?
    You can donate at to receive the VIP or ELITE membership. After donating with PayPal you will receive the rank after 5 minutes. If it didn't worked contact us (Reyzor or TiiWu) at the forums please.

    I want to do videos or a review of the server. Do I need any special permissions for that?
    You need no permission for recording on our server! Please just put the Server-IP and our website into the description (if you upload it somewhere)!
    For bigger YouTubers (10k+ subs) we also offer the YT rank. This rank offers all ELITE features, aswell as fly and ptime.

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