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    We reserve the right to change the rules at any time without notice. By using the Minecraft server, forum, Discord or any other ChaosCrafter service you automatically agree to our terms of use. All instructions of team members have to be followed immediately. If you don't agree with our terms of use, you won't be able to play on the server or use our forum/TeamSpeak. If you break our rules or don't follow the instructions of team members you will be muted or expelled from the server (temporarily or permanently). All rights of creations on our server belong to ChaosCrafter.
    Latest change: February 2nd, 2017
    Edit notes February 2nd, 2017: Edited the Introduction (TiiWu)
    Edit notes January 12th, 2018: Adjusted rules to be more specifical (Tomma1000)

    1. General rules (Server, Forum and Discord):
    1.1. Racial, sexual or extreme right-winged statements, names, skins, buildings, titles and other stuff are strictly prohibited.
    1.2. Insults, shaming, mocking, flaming, spamming or other inappropriate behavior is strictly prohibited.
    1.3. Talking about inappropriate topics* is not allowed.
    1.4. Doing anything that is likely to cause arguments or any other negative action is not allowed.
    1.5. Joining the server with a second account after a ban is not allowed.
    1.6. The maximum for a forum signature is 4 lines, which means the length of 4 lines text in the standard forum text size. This length also counts for images!
    1.7. Be respectful to everyone.
    1.8. Cheating, Hacking, Bugusing or Glitching are strictly prohibited. (Threats about that are punishable as well.)
    1.9. Advertising for other servers/websites/forums is strictly prohibited. In addition to that you are not allowed to lead players to other servers (This also includes attempting it).
    1.10. Messages in the forum with less than 5 characters are classified as spam and post-farming (This includes especially abbreviations or smileys).
    1.11. It is not allowed to sell anything for real money. (e.g. Selling access to plots or selling special items.)

    * Please notice that the definition of "inappropriate" is at the discretion of the individual staff. We strive to be a family friendly server for all groups of ages and to prevent conflicts we ask you to not discuss racial, sexual, religious or political topics.

    2. Chat rules:
    2.1. Do not spam the chat. This includes the use of repetitive punctuation, letters, messages, words, etc.
    2.2. Only ask your questions once. Do not repeat the question instantly if it isn't answered.
    2.3. Do not ask for any ranks.
    2.4. Do not use capslock.
    2.5. Do not ask for help unless you need urgent help. (e.g. Don't ask: "Help, I'm stuck", etc.)
    2.6. Do not ask for WorldEdit help.
    2.7. The global chat language is English. If you want to speak in a different language, you must use the private chat.

    3. Theme Park / Rollercoaster rules:
    3.1. Do not walk on rails or block driving minecarts.
    3.2. Do not try to spam minecarts to break the systems.
    3.3. Never leave a minecart while riding a rollercoaster or a ride.
    3.4. Do not walk over mountains or leave paths for going to rollercoaster which are under construction.

    4. Plot World and Creative VIP rules:
    4.1. Do not place large amouts of water and lava.
    4.2. Do not build complex redstone machines which could produce lags (redstone circuits that flicker are part of this).
    4.3. Do not throw a big amount of items on the ground.
    4.4. Do not place more than one beacon on your plot.
    4.5. Do not be annoying to other players while they're building. (That also includes trolling, which is caused by griefing.)
    4.6. Do not ask any staff member to look or help building at your plot. You may ask once, but if the staff is not responding or busy, please stop asking.
    4.7. You may advertise your plot every 10-20 minutes! If you advertise more than the given number it will be handled like rule 2.1. .
    4.8. Destroying/vandalising the creations/plots of other players is not allowed and will cause a ban!
    NOTE: Nevertheless we want to refer to just add trustworthy players to your plot!
    4.9. It is not allowed to build high walls around your plot.
    4.10. Do not spam minecarts from your plot into the pathway.
    4.11. The spawning, having or usage of custom items using the Saved Toolbars function is not allowed.

    5. Chaos Kingdoms rules:
    5.1. It is allowed to rob and hunt other players.
    5.2. It is not allowed to vandalize the world.
    5.3. All general server rules apply for this gamemode.

    6. Application rules:
    6.1. The applications have to be written at the application section of the forum. Private messages on this or any other platform won't be accepted.
    6.2. You have to wait two months before you can write a new application, when the first one was not accepted.
    6.3. The guides for applications must be followed: http://chaos-crafter.com/index.php?forums/how-to-write-an-application.16/
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