Available Staff Positions


We're always looking for new Developers to join us. Your job is to develop new rides and help us realize some of our ideas. This can range from helpful tools for shows to small, funny gimmicks for rides or parks.

Desired Traits:
  • you should be at least 14 years old (exceptions can be made!)
  • at least one year of Java experience
  • good understanding of the SpigotAPI
  • basic understanding of math and how vectors work
  • be unafraid of new exciting challenges


Help us build some of the biggest and most detailed rides and parks out there! There are no limits to your creativity - build huge coasters, beautiful scenerys or decorate the landscape.

Desired Traits:
  • huge creativity
  • experience with building
  • basic understanding of TrainCarts
  • team player


For a new project, we're looking for young and aspiring artist to join our team. Your job will be to help us create new logos, artworks, textures or models.

Desired Traits:
  • huge creativity
  • experience with programs like Photoshop or Paint.NET
  • experience with creating texture packs
  • experience with creating 3d models is a big plus!
  • a good eye for design